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Wavecrest-Beach 25 St is a standard Rockaway Line elevated station. It has two side platforms on the two-track line. The stations exits are to all four sides of Beach 25 Street, accessed via the standard Rockaway Line Station house mezzanine that leads out to pairs of staircases up to each platform, at almost their western ends. This is also where the canopied and windscreen portions of the platform are, from the western end to a bit before the centers. The eastern end of the platform is a nice gentle curve with just a low-fence with nice views of the surrounding neighborhood, and unusual round topped lampposts along the edges of the platform.

Rebuilding: The station was completely rebuilt between 2009 and 2011 along with every other stop on the Rockaway el. This rebuilding included replacing the original windscreens with green and cream full-height ones beneath the platform canopies and unfortunately replacing the original low fences with modern full-height mesh windscreens at the ends of the platform. To allow this rebuilding to occur Far Rockaway-bound trains skipped the station from September 8, 2009 to January 25, 2010 and Manhattan-bound trains skipped from September 7, 2010 to January 28, 2011.

Art For Transit at Chambers Street

Arts For Transit at 116th Street

The Movers and Shakers, 1999, Glass Mosaic,
By Vincent Smith

Looking accros the tracks at 116 Street towards the arts for transit installation on the uptown platform.
24 June, 2008
An entrance for Downtown & Brooklyn at 116 Street viewed from wide Lenox Avenue.
24 June, 2008
Looking accross Lenox Avenue to the other entrance 116 Street.
24 June, 2008
A restored terra cotta cartouche outside of fare control at 116 Street after going down one of the station's entrance staircases.
24 June, 2008
A High Exit turnstile at the base to one of the staircases up ot the street at 116 Street.
24 June, 2008
The three turnstiles into the system on the uptown platform at 116 Street.
24 June, 2008
Just after the fare control area the uptown platform gets quite a bit narrower at 116 Street.
24 June, 2008
Another blue with white text restored 116 terra cotta cartouche.
24 June, 2008
Looking down towards an northern end of the platform at 116 Street.
24 June, 2008
116 Street only has these modern trying to look retro name tablets, none of the old ones seem to survive.
24 June, 2008
A sign above a door at 116 Street still has a terra cotta plaque over it, but what ever letters were on it have been removed.
24 June, 2008
The fare control area on the uptown platform at 116 Street viewed from inside fare control. There are high exit gates on either end of the area that are closer to the stairs and a bank of three turnstiles in the middle.
24 June, 2008
Another view towards an end of the uptown platform at 116 Street.
24 June, 2008
Another modern take on the name tablet at 116 Street.
24 June, 2008
A view of the arts for transit mosaic at 116 Street old terra cotta cartouches are still above it.
24 June, 2008
The downtown platform gets quite narrow at 116 Street as an end of it is approached.
24 June, 2008
The now unstaffed Uptown platform entrance
24 March, 2013
One end of the Uptown platform
24 March, 2013
Shuttle buses replace service to the Bronx today, both 2 and 3 trains are terminating at Harlem-148 St as the countdown clock says (2 trains are skipping the tiny 145 Street station)
24 March, 2013
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