Corona Yard
(Text and photos by Jeremiah Cox on 7 December, 2003)

The Corona Yard is the home of the 7 line and is its only yard. The revenue service rooling stock is all R-62A. When I was there, the work cars were R127-130 (the garbage train). and there is an old revenue service car that has been converted to a work car. The yard is easily viewed from the walkway across to Flushing Medows Park that connects to Willets Point-Shea Stadium. Next to the yard is the small Casey Stangle Bus Depot. On the otherside is the Long Island Rail Road Game/event day only Shea Stadium Station. The tracks enter the system between Willets Point-Shea Stadium and 111 Street meaning many rush hour 7 trains terminate at 111 Street.


(corona1) Approacing the Corona Yard (corona2) Cars in the Corona Yard including the work train platform (corona3) The Garbage train (R127-130) in the Corona Yard (corona3z) zoom in on the work cars (corona4) An old car that is now a work train (no more info on it)
(corona5) R-62As spending there weekend in the Corona Yard (corona6) R-62As spending there weekend in the Corona Yard (corona7) The Corona Yard looking from a train (qunits1) BMT Q-type el car #1622 at NYCTA day during the World's Fair 1965 in the Corona Yard. Photo by Joe Caronetti.



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