World Trade Center (to Newark or Hoboken) the location is on its third PATH/Hudson and Manhattan Rail Road station, a fourth has been disigned to replace the current temperary one. The origional station was named Hudson Terminal. The station like it is today was built on a loop. When the Port Authority decided to build the World Trade Center in the 1960s, New Jersey wanted something out of the deal. The Port Authority purchased the bankrupted H&MRR, and a new (the first) World Trade Center Station was built. The old sations configeration in escalators, platforms, tracks and lower mezzanines is the same as the current temperary station. The temperary statoin was built at a cost of $323 million and opened on November 23, 2003 with the goveners taking the first ride in, It is compleatly open to the elements except for rain ect. The station was opened to the public at 2pm and was free for the day. A new station has been designed by Santiago Calatrava, and will open by 2009 at a cost of $2 billion. This station will also connect to a new Lower Manhattan/Fulton Street Transit Center (Link to Info from MTA's website)

Under Construction

(wtcp1) The entrance stucture underconstruction at World Trade Center, Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 10 October, 2003      

23 November, 2003: World Trade Center Station Re-opening Day
(The fallowing photos are by Jeremiah Cox on 23 November, 2003), entering off on a train

After going under the Hudson River we 'bash through' the bathtub/pit wall (this is a site that will give anyone a saprise). We go on a 'roller coaster' ride on the bottom of ground zero for about 30 seconds before turning into the station.

(wtcp2) Looking into the construction site entering World Trade Center (wtcp3) Curving into World Trade Center the station and tubes are on loop entering Manhattan what would be two blocks apart    

We stop on track 4, (there are 5 tracks and three platforms in all (two island, one side ) there are a lot of people milling around the platform not getting onto a train (the station was free for the day).

(wtcp4) A World Trade Center platform sign. (wtcp5) Looking back down to a platform at World Trade Center It is very crouded    

After going up a short fight of stairs fare control is reached. There is a full platform length mezzanine with two sets of turnstiles and the stairs to the escalators to street in the middle

(wtcp6) Looking across the World Trade Center lower mezzanine. There was a 2 hour service disruption when a Hoboken train hit a cabel discontinuing service there. (wtcp7) Most of the walls and scrim banners at World Trade Center have quotes about New York. (wtcp8) One of the two sets of turnstiles to the platforms at World Trade Center (wtcp9) An exit sign at World Trade Center on the short stair case to the escalators
(wtcp10) Looking back down the short staircase to the mezzanine at World Trade Center      

Then there is a small landing where the five escaltors in the same place as in the old station begin.

(wtcp11) Looking up an escalator at World Trade Center. (wtcp12) Looking up across at the other escalators at World Trade Center. (wtcp14) The PATH sign over the escaltors at World Trade Center  

At the top of the escaltors is the upper mezzanine. There are same level connections to the E and the southbound (there is an underpass to the northbound) N,R,W. Taking the elevator into the PATH station is also how the stations are whealcair accesable.

(wtcp13) Looking at World Trade Center. (wtcp15) A World Trade Center on the upper mezzanine    

After going up another semi long (1-2 stories) staircase we finnaly reach the large canopy entrance.

(wtcp16) Looking on top of the stairs across at World Trade Center. (wtcp17) A PATH sign on a corner ofWorld Trade Center. (wtcp18) The World Trade Center station in the distance  


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