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World Trade Center Re-opening Day (23-11-03) (18 photos)

The Port Autority Trans-Hudson (PATH) is New Yorks City's 2nd or 4th subway system, running between New York City and New Jersey, PATH is a small system: 13 stations (6 in New York City, 7 in New Jersey). It is compleatly independent from the MTA and the subway, now being operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The only small intagration will be that all PATH stations will accept pay-per-ride MetroCards, currently World Trade Center is the only station. There you insert the MetroCard like a QuickCard (they are almost the same size) and the machine deducts $1.50 only. There are no track connections with subway, even though it is a wall away from the F on 6th Avenue. The tunnel diamiter is different, but trains could run on the IRT if there was a connection (A very early map shows a perposed connection with the Lexington Avenue Line along 9th Street).
The prediceser of PATH the Hudson & Manhattan Rail Road was built an ran compleatly privately. The head finacer and president during building and early running was William Gibbs McAdoo. The system was built between 1908 and 1912, connecting New York City with railroads across the country. Until the Seccauas Transfer was opened in December 2003 Passangers from the northern New Jersey Transit lines transfered to PATH or ferries at Hoboken. Passangers on the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail for New York City also transfer to PATH or farries at three stations.
9/11's effects on transportation were the most major for PATH. The
World Trade Center station was compleatly distroyed and the Hudson River tubes flooded for 40 days. Since at Exchange Place there was no swich to turn trains around with. PATH was without two stations until June 2003 (Service then operated from 33rd Street to Hoboken, 33rd Street to Newark, or Hoboken to Journal Square) then Exchange Place was reopend with a swich being built. World Trade Center, (I was there opening day) reopened on Sunday, November 23, 2003.




The basic fare is $1.50. Every station has at least one turnstile with a machine that excepts dallor bills.
QuickCards: give discounts, are avalable for 2 rides ($3.00), 11 ($15), 20 ($24), or 40 ($48). They can not be refilled, are made of think paper, and expire 6 months after purches.
Pay-Per-Ride MetroCards: are currently only excepted at World Trade Center, $1.50 is deducted from your card, more stops will accept them in the future


Rolling Stock

PATH currently uses old short cars (i have no real info). Each car has two doors and logitudinal seating only. All trains have front windows and half cabs only.

(rollingp1) Looking down a PATH car, notice that both sides have doors open. This is because the train is stopped at 33 Street and the conductor has not closed the exit platform doors yet. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 23 November, 2003 (rollingp2) To my delight the driver steps outside for a moment, looking into a cap, the controls are similar to an old (R-38ish) subway car. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 23 November, 2003    



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