33rd Street (to Journal Square or Hoboken, @ 6 Avenue) PATH station is located inside the 34 Street-Herald Square subway station. Since PATH is on its own for fares there are no free transfers. The station is just in a southern wing of the subway mezzanine. The turnstiles can be scene transfering from the B,D,F,V to the N,Q,R,W. The PATH station itself has a mezzanine with entrances from the subway and street on all sides. There the QuickCard machines are. Then the high compacity station has a full line of turnstiles. Then there is a small area surrounding the buffers. The station has three tracks with platforms on all sides. The farthest side platforms are exit platforms. This means that a train terminating opens the doors to the side platforms, waits a bit, opens the island platform doors and then closes the side platform doors. Then the driver walks back. There is also an exit to 30th Street. The current station is not origional. Oringonally it was at 34 Street and further north. Then in the 1930s the IND subway rebuild the station so the 6th Avenue subway fitted. The station was then so close to 30th Street the 28th Street station was closed and very little remains. That is also why the couloms are square and IND looking.

(33p1) Approching 33rd Street the PATH sign and an old 'WALK do not run, use handrails sign' Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 23 November, 2003 (33p2) A buffer and turnstiles at 33rd Street Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 23 November, 2003 (33p3) Looking down the western most track at 33rd Street Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 23 November, 2003 (33p4) Signs on a side platform for the exits at 33rd Street Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 23 November, 2003
(33p5) A coulmn sign at 33rd Street Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 23 November, 2003      

After swiching around and getting on the west bound western track we proceed down 6th Avenue looking streight as an arrow. 23rd Street is next with two side platforms and two tracks
Shortly after leaving we pass the abandoned 19th Street station (closed because of low ridership in 1954). The short side platforms are easily visible out a front or side window. We then proceed into
14th Street with two side platforms and no free transfer between directions.

(14p1) An entrance to 14th Street Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 14 September, 2003      

9th Street is next. (West 4th Street (A,C,E,F,V,S) is one block away) It has one island platform and fare control with 3 turnstiles and one staircase on the northern end.
We then curve west and into
Christopher Street (@Hudson Street). This is the same as 9th Street but fare control is on the southern-western end

(Christopherp1) The turnstiles at Christopher Street Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 23 November, 2003      

Then we are in the north tunnel into New Jersey. The tunnel is farely steight in a western direction. After a wile we can swich south to Pavonia-Newport or north to Hoboken.

(Christopherp2*) The swich between lines Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 23 November, 2003      


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