My collection of NYC Subway Maps
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1958 Subway Maps
1958 Official New York Subway Map and Guide
This map I find a bit ugly. The map portion says all the information needed but just isn't that pleasant to Look at. The back has a complete guide to service, a list of sights, facts about the New York Subway, and New York City Transit System
Front map side (1.59 MB)
Back information side  (1.12 MB)
1958 Subway Maps 1964 World's Fair Subway Map
The map side contains a map in the same ugly format as the 1958 map except with the Flushing Line to the World's Fair highlighted with the blue line and a few other minor changes. The map has the theme of getting to the World's Fair by "Fallow the Blue Arrow". The back contains a map of the World's Fair layout, and midtown connections to the Flushing Line. There is also some information about the New World's Fair Subway  (R-33WF/R-36WF) Cars, the World's Safest Rail Road and Highlights of the Fair
Front map side (1.92 MB)
Back information side  (1.12 MB)

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