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Bergen Street is the first stop on the short Smith Street Subway, where the G train, Crosstown Line joins the F train for three stops to its terminal at Smith-9th Streets. The open portion of the station seems like a typical IND local stop with two side platforms on a two-track line with no mezzanine so exits are directly alongside the platforms. There are exits at either end of the station, the northern end has turnstiles on either platform and leads out to Bergen Street and Smith Streets. The southern end has only High Entrance and Exit Turnstiles (formerly a part time booth on the Manhattan/Queens-bound platform), and exits to eitherside of Warren Street and Smith Street. The station was renovated in the early 1990s and was retiled with an unusual light green boarder with a dark green solid portion trim, name tablets with both a green boarder and green center and white text, a strange trimline at the bottom of the platform walls, and light green squares separating the now tiled over advertising panels. There is now no more of the standard Bergen white text on black tile beneath the station's trim. Each platform has columns that have been painted green.

On the platforms one will notice some large silver doors, these lead to closed staircases down to the stations now completely used lower-level for the line's two express tracks. This closed level of the station had two side platforms as well and was closed when it was realized there was no way to practically have express service (with the G local and the F as express) because people didn't want to lose their one seat ride to Manhattan, and have to add another climb of a flight of stairs during rush hour. Sometimes the lower level can be seen when trains run express because of construction, it is mostly dark, looks clearly abandoned and has all of its tiling removed. The only signs are a few exit signs

The accent of color along the tall and narrow openings on the tiled wall that is between the express and local tracks at Union Street.
26 June, 2003
The conductors stop board at Union Street with an additional one installed for 8 car R160 trains behind it.
5 June, 2009
Looking down the simple Manhattan-bound platform at Union Street.
5 June, 2009
A close up of a Union Street station sign on the platform wall, with the 1960s arrow pointing for the exit beneath it.
5 June, 2009
Another view down the simple Manhattan-bound side platform at Union Street.
5 June, 2009
The ceiling gets extremely low right at the northern end of the station at Union Street.
5 June, 2009
Another view of the narrow end of the Manhattan-bound side platform at Union Street.
5 June, 2009
Looking down to the two street stairs for the Bay Ridge-bound platform mid-block
15 August, 2007
One of the Bay Ridge-bound streetstairs
15 August, 2007
Two steps up to enter the station
22 September, 2011
Going down to the now unstaffed Bay Ridge-bound fare control area
30 November, 2011
R44 #5324 beginning its long run to Manhattan begins to enter Beach 44 St-Frank Av, most of its windows have been rapped in ads for Coca-Cola, this was mostly an anti-vandalism reason to block less light from getting through the windows, seems a bit dangerous to me.
30 November, 2011
One of the smaller A train service times signs, simply A To Far Rockaway, all times.
1 November, 2012
Looking down a well warn staircase to the mezzanine level at Beach 44 St-Frank Av.
1 November, 2012
The area at the bottom of the staircases down form the Rockaway-bound platform, about to turn and enter the doors into the station house with fare control at Beach 44 St-Frank Av.
1 November, 2012
An interior view of the station house at Beach 44 St-Frank Av, with its electric heater helping to keep it warm.
25 March, 2013
Streetside of the mezzanine area at Beach 44 St-Frank Av with the MVMs visible.
9 May, 2013
Looking down towards the extreme western (front) end of the Rockaway Park-bound platform where there is now a no exit sign and an unstaffed exit with an iron maiden with a slot for depositing the extra fare used to exist.
9 May, 2013
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