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23 St-Ely Avenue, renamed Court Square-21 Street officially when the perminant transfer from the G train to the 7 opened on June 3, 2011 although the tiling wasn't changed. THe station is the last (or first) station in Queens before the IND 53 Street tunnel. The station has two side platforms for the two track line. Each has a maroon trim, with black boarder. The name tablets that spell out 23rs St-Ely Ave, have a maroon boarder, with a background composed of a mix and of black and brown tiles. The station has two exits, one at either end of the station, each on on its own little mezzanine with a crossover. Each of these consist of a single staircase up from each platform to that lead to an intermediate landing (where the actual exit to the street is) followed by more steps over and forming the actual crossover.

At the eastern (Queens Blvd-bound, northern), is the exit to the 23 Street & 44 Drive conisisting of a streetstair near the NE corner in the shadow of the northern end of the 7 train's elevated platform that down to two high entrance turnstiles. The subway station crosses beneath the elevated station so passengers transfering from the E, M to the 7, if there at the ends of the platform opposite the transfer passageways complete a full circle loop making the in system transfer. The Queens-bound side has the entrance to the passageway to the G train, and continuing to the 7 train. This was passageway added extremely recently in about 1990 by Citibank when they built their tower, 1 Court Square in Long Island City. At the western (towards Manhattan, southern) end of the platform. The overpass has a fence going down the middle of it, so its both within and outside of fare control. Above the Queens-bound platform are simply to high exit only turnstiles, the Manhattan-bound platform has a bank of turnstiles and a token booth. Streetstairs lead out to the NE and SE corners of 21 Street & 44 Drive

Art For Transit at Chambers Street

Arts For Transit at 23 Street-Ely Avenue

Gothic Circle, 1992
By Frank Olt

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A 23 St-Ely Ave name tablet with a mosaic arrow for the exit to 23rd St beneath it.
14 August, 2008
Ely one full tile beneath the trim.
14 August, 2008
Ely alternates with 23rd in tile, one full tile beneath the station's trim.
14 August, 2008
A 23 St-Ely Ave name tablet, the exit text beneath this one points to 21st St.
14 August, 2008
Looking down a side platform towards the 21 St & 44 Drive exit at 23 St-Ely Ave.
14 August, 2008
Two high exit turnstiles out from the Queens-bound platform to 21 St at 23 St-Ely Avenue
14 August, 2008
A mosaic sign for the S. Side 44th Drive at one of the exits at 23 St-Ely Avenue.
14 August, 2008
A plaque for the 23 Street-Ely Avenue Subway Station, it was built in 1933 and Reconstructed in 1992 by Employees of New York City Transit Authority, Alan F. Kiepper, President. The logo at the bottom has the old M
14 August, 2008
A R42 E train leaves 23 St-Ely Ave.
14 August, 2008
Looking up the staircase at the very western end of the platforms the main exit to 23 St-44 Drive and Court Square, with signs for the G transfer and 7 MetroCard Transfer only.
Looking down the single staircase from the main mezzanine area to the Forest Hills & Jamaica Platform, a tiled Jamaica sign also points at the staircase.
An Arts For Transit display on the mezzanine next to a sign for the exit and transfer at 23 St-Ely Ave.
Tiled signs for Jamaica and Manhattan on the mezzanine at 23 St-Ely Avenue.
Manhattan-bound R32 #3870 is the last car of a Manhattan-bound E train stopped at 23 St-Ely Ave
R4 #401 slows down to stop at 23 St-Ely Av on a special Holiday Nostalgia Regular Train service on the V.
R4 #401 stops at 23 St-Ely Av on a special Holiday Nostalgia Regular Train service on the V.
Passengers make their way up the single staircase for the G train transfer
30 December, 2010
The E/M train service times sign at 23-Ely Avenue, no note on weekends for local stops to take the R train.
30 December, 2010
The streetstair to the E train directly beneath the end of the 7 train station (farthest away from its only exit)
8 June, 2011
The entrance from 23 Street and the staircase to continue down to the Manhattan-bound platform
8 June, 2011
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