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207 Street is the northern terminus of the A train and has a single island platform with two stub-end tracks ending at bumper blocks at the end of the platform and trains changing directions using a diamond crossover south of the station. All access to the 207 Street Yard is also south of the station so during the non-peak direction the station receives less service than Dyckman Street and 168 Street where trains terminate at the end of the AM rush hour and originate at the beginning of the PM rush hour before trips to Lefferts Blvd and the Rockaways that receive more service than the Washington-Heights Inwood branch.

The station was renovated in 1998-1999 becoming wheelchair accessible in a project that also included retitling all the mezzanine and platform walls. Today the platform and mezzanines have maroon columns. The trimline is clearly modern with small (half the normal size) maroon tiles with a faint grey border. The stop before the 1999 renovations originally lacked a trimline along the platform walls and was like 175 Street with just small 207 tiles regularly along the platform walls.

To leave the platform the main exit is via a wide staircase at the southern end of the platform. There is an elevator just before it. These leads up to what was built as a full length mezzanine but is now used for a veriety of non-public uses. The southern mezzanine has an elevator in the rear wall where turnstiles (with the token booth facing them). A Streetstair (3 in total) lead up to the NE, SE, and SW corners while the street elevator (with a modern green beamed elevator shaft on the sidewalk) is at the NW corner.

There is a second exit towards the northern end of the platform (at about the third car from the front of terminating trains). Here are streetstairs from NE corner of Isham Street and Broadway and the NW corner between Broadway and West 211 Street that ends at a five-way intersection with Broadway and Isham Street. These lead down to an unstaffed mezzanine area. Along each side of the mezzanine area are high entrance and exit turnstiles that lead down to a staircase down to the platform. This makes two staircases up from the platform that are not connected at the mezzanine level without leaving fare control.

Art For Transit at Chambers Street

Arts For Transit at 207 Street

At the Start...At Long Last
By Sheila Levrant de Bretteville

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MVMs in the northern mezzanine from Isham Street
13 June, 2008
High Turnstiles before one of the two platform staircases
13 June, 2008
The side of R40 Slant #4219 terminates at 207th Street
2 June, 2009
An end of R40 Slant #4219 terminating at 207 Street in its final days of life
2 June, 2009
Another view of R40 Slant #4219
2 June, 2009
The top of the street elevator
16 February, 2013
Entering the main mezzanine
16 February, 2013
The main platform staircase and elevator behind it
16 February, 2013
A street stair
16 February, 2013
The two banks of turnstiles at the Isham Street entrance
16 February, 2013
Two R46 A trains in the station usual stuff
25 April, 2013
The platform has the cleaning workers and equipment
25 April, 2013
The original Next Train signs, the next train is on Track 4
25 April, 2013
A close up of a simple and old Next Train sign, it gets the job done
25 April, 2013
Elevator or stairs to the main exit?
25 April, 2013
The wide staircase at the end of the platform
25 April, 2013
R46 #5884 stops in the station
25 April, 2013
Behind the main platform staircase, it has a neat handrail, part of the Arts for Transit Installation
25 April, 2013
The staircase down to the southern end of the platform
25 April, 2013
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