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174-175 Streets is a Grand Councouse Line local station with two side platforms for the three track line in a section of the Bronx where the Grand Councourse is raised above the surrounding street grid with the streets of 174 Street and 175 Street in addition to the Cross-Bronx Expressway crossing in tunnels beneath both the subway line and station and the Concorse itself. This gives the station a very interesting layout including a subway exit that requires passengers to go down to reach it! The station's has the yellow color scheme with a two tile wide yellow trimline that has a narrow black boarder. THe name tablets say 174th-175th St. and are white text on black with a yellow border. The platform and mezzanine area columns are yellow.

The full time entrance and token booth is at the southern end of the station, a staircase leads up from entrance doors in the 174 Street underpass (north sidewalk) to a small fare control area. Here are the turnstiles and a single staircase leads up to the very southern end of each platform. There is an additional staircase on the west side of the fare control area to an upper landing at the level of the uptown platform where passengers can exit via two High Entrance Turnstiles. An sign mosaic sign still directs passengers to continue down the staircase to reach the "Change Booth" (tokens only started in 1953 before passengers deposited at nickle until 1948 and dime until 1953 when the fare was raised to 15 cents nessiating tokens.) This staircase continues to a single street stair along the east side of the Grand Concourse just above the overpass. This street stair is off the stone wall veriety. Inside the station there is still evidence of an abandoned second staircase that served this exact function to west side of the Concourse. On the downtown platform there is a locked gate where this corridor used to have its small fare control area to provide acess to that platform, along with a staircase in the existing lower mezzanie area before the turnstiles that says Passageway Closed.

The second entrance is at the 175 Street end of the station and is slightly more towards the middle of the platform. Two staircases lead up from each platform to a small mezzanine area within fare control with a crossover. After the turnstiles that are now unstaffed and the CSA abandoned booth locked behind its own fence the mezzanine is huge and very little of it looks abandoned. This wideness is just for a street stair out to either side of the Concourse above 175 Street's overpass. There is also evidence of a closed exit to the nort side of 175 Street's underpass because of a gated and locked staircase down between the staircases up to the open mezzanine and a gated and locked staircase down outside of fare control in the mezzanine area.

174175d1 174175d2 174175d3 174175d4
(174175d1) A tiled sign for "East Side of Grand Concourse" at 174-175 Streets. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 29 July, 2004 (174175d2) A name tablet at 174-175 Street, white lettering on a grey/black background with a yellow border. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 29 July, 2004 (174175d3) A closed staircase to the Westside of Concourse now used as a storage area. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 29 July, 2004 (174175d4) "174" underneath the trim at 174-175 Streets the number that is shown represents which exit is closer. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 29 July, 2004
174175d5 174175d6 174175d7 174175d8
(174175d5) Looking down the curving 174-175 Streets platform. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 29 July, 2004 (174175d6) The mezzanine level 175 Street exit at 174-175 Streets. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 29 July, 2004 (174175d7) Looking down the curving platform at 174-175 Streets by the mezzanine to 175 Street. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 29 July, 2004 (174175d8) Some of the tiles of a name tablet at 174-175 Streets have fallen off paint has replaced the tiling. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 29 July, 2004

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