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The IRT Franklin Avenue Station is an IRT express station with two island platforms that are in middle of wideness when it comes to IRT stations, but would definitely be wider if built today. Each platform has a line of yellow I-beam columns along each track. The track walls that are the walls of the station has a typical Dual-Contracts Vickers-era trim line that is quite hard to see, and mostly looks to be brown with Fs at regular intervals along it. There is a tiny section of platform that has 1950s era Franklin Ave painted on tile towards the extreme western end of the station. The station's main exit is at a standard and small IRT mezzanine towards the center of the platforms, that has a free cross-over, with the turnstiles and staircases out to either of the median malls of Eastern Parkway, in addition to small underpass passageways that lead to the sides of Eastern Parkway's Service Roads, and local buildings. The connection to the Franklin Avenue Shuttle is from another mezzanine area towards the western end of the platforms, this has a staircase down to each platform that lead to the southern end of Franklin Avenue bound platform. This transfer was only added when the Franklin Avenue Shuttle was closed to be rebuilt in 1998-1999.

(franklinn21) Looking down one of the island platforms at Franklin Av.
24 January, 2004
(franklinn22) Inside fare control at the small main mezzanine area at Franklin Avenue, the two staircases down to the Manhattan-bound tracks are visible.
29 May, 2009
(franklinn23) An exit to Street mosaic in the small fare control area at Franklin Avenue.
29 May, 2009
(franklinn24) Outside of fare control looking back towards the central fare control area and the staircases out to one side of Eastern Parkway.
29 May, 2009
(franklinn25) The staircase up to the NE Island of Franklin Av & Eastern Parkway, Eastern Parkway is one of those urban Blvds with a central through traffic area and service roads to either side, with a pedestrian mall and a bike path between them.
29 May, 2009
(franklinn26) Looking back towards the small area of the mezzanine within fare control where there is a newsstand from the staircase up to the NE Island.
29 May, 2009
(franklinn27) At the extreme Eastern end of the platforms there is some different 1950s style tiling with a wide blue trim-line that has Franklin Ave spelled inside of it.
29 June, 2009
(franklinn28) Looking down the Manhattan-bound island platform at Franklin Avenue.
29 June, 2009
(franklinn29) A F in Franklin Avenue's mosaic trim line.
29 June, 2009
(franklinn210) A staircase up to the small second mezzanine that leads to the transfer passageway to the Franklin Avenue Shuttle.
29 June, 2009
(franklinn211) The decent sized ten-year old mezzanine area that leads from the IRT platforms to the Franklin Avenue Shuttle.
29 June, 2009
(franklinn212) The one staircase down from the shuttle transfer mezzanine to the Manhattan platform at Franklin Avenue. This mezzanine is completely bare except for doors and white tiling
29 June, 2009
(franklinn213) Passengers wait for normal 2,3 and 4 train service 2 days after Superstorm Sandy
3 November, 2012
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