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Transfer to Broadway-Eastern Parkway on the J,L,Z

Broadway Junction-East New York is the transfer point from the A,C to the J,Z,L. The Fulton Street Subway platforms are relitively simple with two island platforms that are quite crowded. The station like most subway-elevated line complexes requires quite a bit of walking for the transfer. The only exits from the subway platforms are single staircases at the very eastern (IND south) ends of each platform. These lead up to an area at street level where fare control is in a building at ground level. There is a turn and then a escalator bank that rises up from the ground and to the elevated lines at Broadway-Eastern Parkway. All the station signs and tiling though during renovations in the early 2000s were replaced and have given the station an umbrella name of Broadway Junction.

The pre-renovation wall tiles at Broadway Jct. They still say Broadway and East NY beneath the stations blue trim.
8 March, 2003
Looking out from a R32 C train at Broadway Jct, the column signs still say B'way East NY and haven't been replaced during the renovation process to say Broadway Junction in a much smaller font
14 December, 2003
The platform wall at Broadway Junction (A, C) after Renovation, its still in the original IND sceam except says 'Junction' instead of 'East NY'.
22 December, 2004
Looking down the platform at Broadway Junction as a C train begins to leave the station.
25 June, 2008
The tiling on the platform wall that isn't flat at Broadway Junction including a blue trim.
25 June, 2008
The sign above the only staircase off the Queens-bound platform at Broadway Junction for the station's only exit and the transfer to the elevated sturcture of the J,Z,L.
25 June, 2008
The only station entrance to the Broadway Jct Complex is in a IND style brick builing with an IND Subway sign above the doors, there is a walkway up to it from the nearest street
25 June, 2008
About to enter the station at Broadway Junction and the only three doors from the street into the large complex. There is a nice old fasioned Art-deco subway sign above the entrance that has been restored as well as a police priecent in the station building.
25 June, 2008
Approaching the entire complex's only fare control area at the bottom of the escalators from the elevated portion of the station
30 December, 2010
A sign on the Manhattan-bound platform advising passengers to move down the platform since the only staircase to it is at its extreme eastern (railway south) end
30 December, 2010
A No exit sign along the platform telling passengers the exit is the other way there many of these all on the backs of the signs directing passengers in the right direction for the exit and transfer
30 December, 2010
One of many signs all pointing the same way for Exit and Transfer to the J Z L, its one of the few left with the Yellow Transfer square text on it, that text is being phased out in favor of just the line's bullets, like the exit/AC sign above.
30 December, 2010
Approaching the only station entrance in this IND Building
3 November, 2012
The lights are on at the one station entrance at dusk
3 November, 2012
Looking out of the R1-9s stopping at Broadway Junction running in revenue service as one of the first trains back from the Rockaways post-Sandy
30 May, 2013
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