161 Street-Yankee Stadium (B,D,4)

Borough: Manhattan


B (Rush Hours only) To: Bedford Park Blvd, Bronx (Northbound) or Brighten Beach, Manhattan (Southbound) via Concourse or Central Park West Local and 6 Avenue-Brighten Express

D (All Times except Peak direction Rush Hours: From Bronx: 6:30-9:30AM To Bronx: 4-6:30PM) To: Norwood-205 Street, Bronx (Northbound) or Coney Island, Brooklyn (Southbound) via Concourse Local or Central Park West-6 Avenue-Brooklyn Express and West End

(all photos on this page unless otherwise noted are by Jeremiah Cox on 19 December, 2003)

the B,D concourse subway has two side platforms and 3 tracks, it is a local stop and bypassed by the <D> Concourse Express (I am sure that many Yankee fans end up at Tremont Avenue not realizing that this line existed), there are two part time high entrance/exits at either end of the platform and a very large mezzanine for the large Yankee crowds, there is also a transit police station in the station. The station is fully wheelchair accessible with 5 elevators (including an accessible transfer to the 4). The station was recently renovated (The old station use to have large blue '161's on the platform walls). There is some artwork but I can't find the plaque. For whatever reason the tile 'reverses' colors when on the wall of a staircase. (Yellow base with white trim).

(161d1) A name tablet for 161st St-River Ave. (161d2) Looking across the three tracks at 161st St-Yankee Stadium (161d3) Looking down the platform at 161st St-Yankee Stadium (161d4) Chairs at 161st St-Yankee Stadium

(161d5) part of the art installation at 161st St-Yankee Stadium (161d6) part of the art installation at 161st St-Yankee Stadium

4 is on the Jerome Avenue elevated, it curves and exits the tunnel from 149 Street-Grand Concourse near the station. The station has side platforms over three tracks and would be a local stop. There is a medium-size mezzanine that has been re-habilitated that has the escalators/staircase bank that leads down to the D subway. There is a special very large compacity game days only entrance/exit to Yankee stadium.
(161d7) An art installation on the 4 mezzanine at 161st Street (161d8) Looking down to the Street elevator from the Woodlawn-bound 4 platform
(161d9) Looking down the platform at 161st St-Yankee Stadium (161d10) A 4 leaves 161 St-Yankee Stadium

(161d11) Looking down the Woodlawn-bound 4 platform to the special game day only Yankee Stadium exit (161d12) An old name tablet on the 4 platform at 161 Street


About 161 Street-Yankee Stadium

Location: @River Avenue
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