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(Here are some serice change brocures, some brochures require the Free Adobe acrobat (for .pdf files) reader avalable here, all brochures unless otherwise noted are from the collection of Jeremiah Cox and were scanned in by him, your webmaster)

MAJOR CHANGES & This is what we are doing Brochures
NO TRAINS OVER THE WILLIAMSBURG BRIDGE No trains ran over the Williamsburg Bridge from May to October 1999, due to major reconstruction on the subway approaches. This is a scan of the take-one saying what to do to get to Manhattan and service(the spanish part is not scaned, LARGE JPG file!).
Service ran here as fallows:
J-From Jamaica Center to Myrtle Avenue at all times.
J/Z skip-stop service still ran during rush hours in both directions (normally just in peak, passengers needed to get to eather Sutphin Blvd for theE or Broadway-Eastern Parkway for A,C,L) to Eastern Parkway only (Ztrains terminated there)
M-From Metropolitan Avenue to Marcy Avenue at all times.
A special
S shuttle ran from Essex Street to Broad Street or Chambers Street on weekends. It ran from 6 AM to 10 PM only.
Rush Hour service from Nassau Street to Southern Brooklyn still ran with a special
<M> (not in the brochore but on maps) from Chambers Street to Bay Parkway
B39 buses ran over the bridge, there were free magnetic stop transfers at eather Essex St-Delancey St or Marcy Avenue to re-enter the subway

2,3,4 Brooklyn-bound trains skip Eastern Parkway This brochore Highlights what the MTA is doing in October 2003
F,N,W,Q,<Q> MORE CHANGES Reconstruction of the Stillwell Avenue Terminal. Neptune Avenue (F), West 8th Street (F,Q) and Ocean Pkwy (Q) are closed. Use shuttle buses. W (became D 2/22/04) is only train to Coney Island. W replaces N nights and weekends between 36 St and Ditmars Blvd. Buses serve closed stations.
V,R,F,E,G New Routes, More Options, Less Crowding The 63 Street connector brought the major changes to Queens Blvd on Sunday December 16, 2001. This was when the creation of the V took place.
E,F,R Detour The 63 Street connector opened for late night and weekend re-routes in January 2001. Every night and weekend there were service detores on the E/F or the R. This service change was common with no E service and the R extended to Jamaica Center, and with the F via 63 Street.
There were also times when the
R ran via 63 Street, N in two sections: Coney Island to 57 St or Lexington Av. Shuttle trains from Ditmars Blvd to Queensboro Plaza.
1 and 9
Skip-Stop Service
On the Broadway-7th Avenue Line
1,9 Announcing Skip-Stop Service on the Broadway-7th Avenue Line (Saved in .pdf fromat) Starting Monday August 21, 1989
This was the MTA's brochures announcing the 9 train, something that currently drives Upper Manhattan residents nuts since it is often unclear wether a train will run via skip-stop or not
Contributed by Joe Caronetti, file is saved in .pdf format
Service Canges Beggining September 30, 1990 (Saved in .pdf fromat)
This broucure highlights service changes that include: Both sides of the Manhattan Bridge R-opening temperally (N runs over it and Express), There were also changes in Eastern Queens (E,F,G,R) serivce
Contributed by Joe Caronetti, file is saved in .pdf format
N and R Service Changes Service Changes on the N and R Routes
On Sunday, May 24, 1987 the N and R northern terminals switched to the current pattern we have today, before the R ran to Astoria-Ditmis Blvd, and the N To 71-Continental Avenues. The Brochure includes why this move is taking place (So the R could have a train yard along its line, originally it didn't). NOTE: There was service on the Southern (Broadway) tracks of the Manhattan Bridge Only
contributed by Joe Caronetti


Minor Service Changes
(brochures are not printed up when a line is running express in one direction at late nights, or trains run in two sections, then you have to look at the red and white service change signs taped to the walls of your station. They are though when trains are running in two sections closing stations, making people use nearby stations on other lines)
E Service rerouted between Queens and Manhattan (Weekend, 1 November, and 8-10 & 15-17, 2003)
From 5 AM to Midnight: Jamaica Center to 2 Avenue via 63 Street and 6 Avenue Local
From Midnight to 5AM: Jamaica Center to Whitehall Street via 60 Street and Broadway Local
4 No trains between Atlantic Av and Brooklyn Bridge (Weekend, 13-15 March, 2004) you were meant to take special J trains running between Essex Street and Prospect Park (there was also normal service from Jamaica Center to Chambers Street). On the sunday I took the J from Chambers Street to Prospect Park. I then hopped on a Q took it one stop down to Parkside Avenue. Took photos of the J terminating in the express tracks. On the way back I swiched back to the J and took a log of it. At Atlantic Avenue an anouncement is made that due to a temperary loss of power at Canal Street on the Nassau Street line we will be running to Whitehall Street. (Click here for the long and photos)
I also have the take-one from May 1-3, 2004 (No-scan, the same except for the dates)
4 Mt Eden Av and 167 St stations closed for rehabilitation This brochore Highlights what the MTA is doing, and the shuttle bus service to the stations. The stations were closed from 12:01AM 27 March to June 30, 2004 at 11:59PM.
4 176 and 170 Sts Stations closed for rehabilitation This brochore Highlights what the MTA is doing, and the shuttle bus service to the stations. The stations are closed Beginning 12:01 AM Mon Jul 5 until November, 2004
4 Fordham Rd station closed for rehabilitation This brochore Highlights what the MTA is doing, and the shuttle bus service to the station. The station is closed Beginning 12:01 AM Mon Jul 5 until Nov, 2004


General Orders when Shuttle Buses Replace Service
(shuttle buses replacing subway service happens somewhere almost every weekend, take-ones are often printed up so people know where shuttle buses stop)
A Shuttle Buses replace trains between 207 and 168 Sts (Weekend, 7-8 August, 2004)
1 Shuttle Buses replace trains between 242 and 215 Sts (Weekend, 5-7 April, 2002)
2 3 Shuttle Buses replace trains between 96 and 149 Sts (Weekend, 5-7 May, 2004)

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