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The Whitehall Street station has two island platforms for the two track Broadway Line Montague Street tunnel branch that becomes three tracks only for the station in order to have the ability to terminate trains in the middle track before continuing onto Brooklyn. The W terminated here on the middle track between February 2004 and June 2010, its last time in revenue service. The station platforms are quite narrow and the stop is fairly deep beneath the surface due to the upcoming tunnel into Brooklyn. The track walls have mosaics representing the customs house in their extremely hard to make out trim lines. The station has two entrances at either end of the station. At the northern end of the station, a single staircase leads up from each platform to a small lower mezzanine, where a wide staircase and single up escalator leads to a fare control area in an upper mezzanine just beneath the street. This fare control area has a bank of regular turnstiles and a single High Turnstile (used to provide access when the regular turnstiles were closed until 2010, when it was decided that regular turnstiles could be unstaffed). Two streetstairs are on the west side of Whitehall Street where Stone Streets ends at it and are designed to fit in with the sides of the US Bankruptcy Courthouse. There is a more conventional street stair at the NE corner of Stone and Whitehall Streets. The southern main entrance is accessed by two staircases from each platform to a small lower mezzanine area where a two escalator and wide staircase structure leads up to an upper mezzanine that is shared with the new South Ferry 1 station. There is a bank of turnstiles in front of the escalator structure, that lead right the mezzanine. A passageway inside and outside of fare control connects to the New South Ferry Station and another bank of turnstiles, access to the 1 trains island platform and the closest exit to the ferry inside Peter Minuit Plaza (that is signed for both subway stations). The token booth that used to be next to these turnstiles has been removed and is now closer to the center of the new IRT mezzanine area. These lead to two still original street stairs on the east side of Whitehall Street between State Street/Water Street (the street changes names when it proceeds back north) and South Street.

Superstorm Sandy: The Montague Street tunnel was the last East River Tunnel to reopen. On December 3, 2012 the station become the terminus of Downtown R train (north section running from here to Forest Hills, a second Brooklyn section from Jay Street to 95th Street) with trains terminating on the middle track and opening their doors to only the downtown platform. On December 21, 2012 full R train service was restored. 1 train service was restored using the former South Ferry Loop Station with a new staircase built to provide a free connection to the R train on April 4, 2013.

Art For Transit at Whitehall Street Arts For Transit at Whitehall Street
Passage, 2000
Handmade ceramic tile, mosaic, forged mild steel, bronze, and granite
By Frank Giorgini
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R9 #1802 terminates at Whitehall Street running in revenue service as a shoppers special
4 December, 2004
Looking up from the tactile warning strip up at R9 #1802 at Whitehall Street in revenue service
4 December, 2004
A close-up of R9 #1802 stopped at Whitehall Street
4 December, 2004
R1 #100 with an R-46 R train leaving Whitehall Street
4 December, 2004
R1 #100 at Whitehall Street in revenue service.
4 December, 2004
One of the two street stairs at the South Ferry end of the station
30 December, 2008
Another view of the street stair at the South Ferry end of the station
30 December, 2008
The entrance from South Ferry under construction from the new connection to South Ferry IRT
30 December, 2008
The mosaic sign for the still opened Men's room
30 December, 2008
The mosaic for the women's room
30 December, 2008
Looking down the down escalator from the South Ferry end of the station
30 December, 2008
The little mezzanine at the Whitehall Street end of the station two staircases lead down to each platform
30 December, 2008
A mosaic for uptown trains
30 December, 2008
Looking down the narrow platforms with the single terminating track in the middle
30 December, 2008
Waiting for the Uptown & Queens R train
30 December, 2008
A close-up of the mosaic (extremely dark) for the customs house
30 December, 2008
Looking across to the opposite platform
30 December, 2008
A close-up of a South Ferry column sign
30 December, 2008
An exit sign for the northern one to Stone St
30 December, 2008
A Whitehall Street column sign
30 December, 2008
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