Myrtle Avenue/Canarsie Line
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Transfer to Wycoff Avenue on the M

Myrtle Avenue (Wycoff Avenue) on the L train has a single island platform for the two track line, with Ms in the trim along the top of the platform walls. There are four staircases strategically placed towards the middle of the platform up to the decently sized underground mezzanine for the Canarise Line. This mezzanine as a second, underground exit towards its eastern end that's unstaffed with a couple of conventional street stairs, and it's own L platform elevator, as well as the main elevator, and stairs (about 10 feet across from the L train's platform elevator) up to the main full time exit in the building at street level. This is also where the two escalators (one for each direction) can be found leading directly up to the top level of the station house and the passageway that leads to another elevator and stairs complex up to the M platform.

The elevator up to the M platform viewed from the bottom of the escalator that brings passengers from above ground to underground.
21 April, 2007
The Wall of the 8 Avenue-bound platform at Myrtle Avenue (L).
21 April, 2007
The M in the restored trim at Myrtle Avenue alongside the island platform walls.
21 April, 2007
A view down the island platform at Myrtle Avenue, there is a now closed staircase in view in this photo.
21 April, 2007
All of the column signs now say Myrtle-Wycoff Avs there, although that is really an intersection of two streets.
21 April, 2007
An expirimental Train Locator Console that shows the location of all L trains along the line courtesy of CBTC.
29 May, 2009
A street stair at Myrtle Avenue that leads directly down to the underground portion of the complex
1 June, 2009
The Myrtle Avenue underground island platform
30 June, 2009
On the underground mezzanine that's a decent size for a BMT station
30 June, 2009
The High and regular turnstiles out to the underground exit at Myrtle Avenue.
30 June, 2009
Outside of fare control the passageways that lead to the street stairs out of Myrtle Avenue
30 June, 2009
Another view of the Myrtle Avenue mezzanine area.
30 June, 2009
Elevators to both the street-level station house exit and the M train and the escalalators that lead directly up to it at Myrlte Avenue
30 June, 2009
A closed emergency exit only staircase at Myrtle Avenue
30 June, 2009
A close up of the M mosaic in the station's trim along the platform walls
30 June, 2009
Another street stair down to the underground Myrtle Avenue Station
30 June, 2009
Signs for the Escalator for the M with service change signs since the J is replacing it this weekend (buses frunning from Myrtle Aveune to Broadway Junction)
14 July, 2013
Service change sign to the J stopping at the M platform
14 July, 2013
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