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Rochester's Amtrak Station is currently located in a temporary modular building that opened in November 2015 abutting a small parking lot. This station is located just east of where the previous Rochester AmStation once stood that was built in 1978 and had a single, low-level side platform. Trains did stopped along a historical New York Central-era canopy from a previous station in the same location. The new Rochester Multimodal Station (including Intercity Buses) will open in 2017 with a high-level island platform that will have escalator and elevator access to an underpass into the large station house, modeled to look like the New York Central Rochester Station that stood on this site, just south of the tracks from 1914 to the mid-1960s when it was torn down for a parking lot. Today trains stop at a very short two car long low-level platform (that does have a tactile warning strip), with a small wooden canopy covering part of the platform. There is also a modern brown wheelchair lift enclosure to keep the station ADA accessible. The Lake Shore Limited in particular faces delays in Rochester since it needs to be spotted at least 3 times, for baggage, the sleepers, and finally the coaches.

Leaving the platform passengers walk through some construction fencing to a small modular building that resembles a trailer with access a few steps up via ramps and staircases since the station is temporary, inside is a small waiting area and ticket office, there is also a small baggage area letting Rochester continue to be a full service station as station reconstruction continues. This leads to a parking lot that is overflowing with cars (at least on July 4 weekend).
All Photos taken on 2 July, 2016

The front of the Lake Shore Limited has completed it's station work and is way beyond the short temporary platform
The Viewliners of the Lake Shore Limited off in the distance at the station that this being rebuilt
Amfleet I #25123 and the train beyond
The platform has a small very temprorary wooden canopy
The temporary platform and trailer station off in the distance
The wheelchair lift enclosure at the exit from the temprory platform
Consturction of the new station and platform, the foundations for a high-level platform are just beyond, the historic canopy is being kept
The rear Amfleets and deadheading Viewliner of the Lake Shore Limited and the foundation for a high-level platform
Deboarding and boarding coach passengers of the Lake Shore Limited at a single door
The walkway off the temporary platform
The construction mess
A baggage cart and sign on trackside of the temporary station
The baggage cart at the ramp into the temporary baggage room of the temporary station
Inside the temporary station with a small ticket office, the chairs were relocated from the AmStation
Water fountains and a Train Information screen that is in the nicer than many normal stations temporary station
Artists impressions of the future are on the station walls
The empty waiting room, a train has just stopped and its a nice day
The area between the temporary station and train
The wooden ramp and steps into the streetside entrance of the temporary station
Taxis and chaos outside the temporary station
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